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Solid plastic lockers


Lenox lockers are virtually indestructible. Impacts that would easily damage metal lockers are withstood with Lenox lockers' 1/2" door and frame thickness and 3/8" panel thickness. Spray paint simply wipes off. Pen, pencil and magic markers are easily removed with cleanser.

The color is solid, extending from the surface through the entire thickness of Lenox Lockers. They are not painted. This enables the color to stay true through years of use and allows for scratches to be easily repaired.
Lenox solid plastic lockersLenox solid plastic lockers are unaffected by moisture, humidity, chlorine, or salt water. Formed by a polymer resin, they are completely corrosion proof with an absorption rate of nearly zero. Odors are not able to permeate the locker's solid plastic surface. Lenox lockers are the perfect solution for those humid and wet areas!
Locker room benches are available with pedestals or with 20" high lockers underneath to provide valuable additional storage. The bench/lockers are available in three, six, and eight-foot lengths. The pedestal benches are available in any length up to 96". The pedestals are black anodized aluminum and the overall height. is 20".locker room benches


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