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Ennho Heavy Duty Ventilated Lockers


Single Tier Ventilated Lockers
are widely used to provide ample storage for full length garments with shelf space for books, hats, lunches and other articles.

Double Tier Ventilated Lockers
are designed for short period use, or where short coats and jackets are worn.

Triple Tier Ventilated Lockers
save valuable floor space and are often used in combination with single tier lockers to make gym class lockers.

Multiple Tier Ventilated Lockers
allow a wide variety of space saving applications. Often used with Ennho single tier and double tier lockers to make gymnasium lockers. Available four, five, and six tiers high.

HVD Ennho Spec Summary

  • 40,000 psi zinc alloy handles.
  • One piece door.
  • 14 gauge door.
  • Full loop type hinges.
  • 16 gauge frame.
  • All metal locking system.
  • 16 gauge body parts with 18 gauge backs.
  • Doors and sides shall be punched with diamond shaped perforations.
  • Baked on enamel finish.
  • For overall height, multiply number of openings by height listed.
  • Add 6" to height for legs when desired.
  • Built in padlock loop.
  • Built in key locks or combination locks are also available.

*Ennho strongly recommends wall and/or floor anchoring for all locker installations.

A. Single Point Latching System
operates with no moving parts. May be subject to additional charge. Optional on single, double, and triple tier lockers. Not available on 9" wide lockers.
B. Tamper Guard Handles
have built in padlosck loop. Standard on single, double, and triple-tier lockers.
C. Recessed Handles
with finger lift offer added safety and security, clean flush front appearance. Optional on single, double, and triple tier lockers.
D. Multiple tier lockers have 16 gauge pull for attaching padlock.